Jim Xaros Executive V.P. The Herb Chambers Companies

At a young age Jim Xaros, like many other children, was fascinated by cars. That interest developed into a passion, and Jim joined the automobile industry when he was 17 years old and began working his way up the ladder.


He joined the Herb Chambers organization in 1992 and oversees dealership operations. In his role as Vice President of The Herb Chambers Companies, Jim Xaros is intricately involved in all aspects of the company. His industry knowledge and experience has helped the company to service their customer base and continue to grow throughout New England.

When Herb Chambers opened his first car dealership in 1985, there were 33,000 dealerships in the country, and he was among the smallest. Today, The Herb Chambers Companies is the largest automobile dealer in New England, and the 11th largest in the nation.

Xaros credits the growth of the company to the hard working employees at each dealership and to the company’s emphasis on customer satisfaction.

“Customer satisfaction has always remained our top priority,” said Jim Xaros. “We have grown the company to what it is today because of the hard work our employees put in each day to provide the best possible experience for our customers.”

Throughout the years, Xaros has seen the industry change quite a bit. “We have seen a lot change in the industry during our time,” he said. “But one thing is for certain, The Herb Chambers Companies will be here for many years to come, offering our customers convenient and comfortable facilities to purchase and service their vehicles.”