Breaking the Stereotype: One Customer At A Time

Not too long ago I came across a quote from Warren Buffett and it really resonated with me, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” In the automotive industry there is an unfortunate stigma that follows us, and each day is an opportunity to prove that we aren’t the stereotypical car dealer. We not only want to help you buy a car; we want you to enjoy the process!

Across all of our dealerships we see roughly 50,000 people each month. Some come in looking for a new or used vehicle and others come in to service their current vehicle. Whatever the reason is, it is our goal to provide each and every guest with exceptional customer service. Many times our customers share their experiences online. In this digital age, online reviews have largely taken the place of the word-of-mouth referrals. With the ability to share your experience with hundreds of thousands of people with just the stroke of a key, it is critical that we handle every guest with the utmost care. This has always been the most important thing we do, so fortunately, we haven’t had to change much of anything.

Our dealerships’ reputation and online reputation is a critical factor in breaking the stereotype. With 93% of car shoppers going online before they make a purchase, having our customers share their stories is important to us.

Today the average car buyer visits an average of 21 different websites during their research process. Some of those websites being Edmunds,, DealerRater and most popularly, Google. With over 11,000 reviews on DealerRater, some of our dealerships were recognized as “Dealer of the Year” for their respective brands, recognition awarded by DealerRater. On Edmunds, we have over 1,000 customer reviews which have led most of our dealerships to win the “5 Star Dealer Award”, which is awarded annually by Edmunds.

On Google we have nearly 3,000 customer reviews! We realized that so many of our customers and potential customers were going to Google during their shopping experience, so we wanted to make their experience even better with us. In order to do so, we recently started incorporating Google Virtual Tours. These tours give you a 360 degree view of our dealerships, their showrooms, service drives, customer lounges and more. With 12 dealerships live on Google already, we hope to have the rest filmed by the end of the Fall.

Our focus will continue to be on providing exceptional customer service, quality vehicles, and unparalled service. We hope our efforts will earn a 5-Star recommendation from you.